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    Small change in IPAM or UDT should make to be convenient




      I am using both module UDT 3.0.0 and IPAM 4.0. I often use IPAM to locate the Mac-Address from one host's IP, then use that Mac-Address to locate the Port of Access SW which directly connected to the host. Everything work fine except one thing. The Mac-address format in IPAM look like 78-E3-B5-A3-03-CA separated by hyphens, but in UDT the MAC separated by colons, therefore I have to edit the MAC when search in UDT. One more thing, I cannot directly copy the MAC from MAC column in Manage Subnets & IP Addresses, like other columns except the UDT User column.

      I know the format of Mac-Address in windows and some other vendors' network device is somewhat different. But to Solarwind look like a father who has role to mix all things together should have only one standard on all of its software module. I hope I can see an improvement in next future version.