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    Any way to force Advanced Alert Manager to send only one mail to alert rather than mailing at every polling interval


      Hi guys, is there any way to configure alerts in advanced alert manager that'll stop the alert manager from mailing me at every polling interval? I've had my polling engine go down and then received about 10,000 mails telling me so. My polling engine went down for 20 minutes before I arrived in work and I came in to find about 10,000 "no SNMP interface polling alert" mails telling me the same thing over and over again for each different node. One mail would be sufficient and then I can go to investigate the cause (a restart of the polling engine was enough to fix this issue). I know there is an option to reset the alert within edit alert, but I can't find any way of limiting the amount of mails sent only an option to reset the alert when a condition is met. Tha