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    Bulk Creating Groups with Parent & Child members


      Hello folks,


      I'm in the process of writing a power-shell script to mass create a set of groups with both Parent and Child entities e.g.


      EU - Parent

      London   - Child

      Berlin     - Child

      Paris      - Child

      Milan      - Child


      I can mass import groups no problem, however when trying to create the relationships between the Parent and the Child groups I've hit something of a brick wall.

      I'm using the Add Definition verb on Orion.Container to try and inject the ContainerID into Orion.ContainerMemberDefinition however I'm having absolutely no luck getting it to work, I don't know if it's just because I've been working on it for a few hours and I've got myself muddled up or if there's something I'm just plain doing wrong.

      Has anyone else had any joy trying to create groups automatically? I know there is an example in the SDK folder which creates a group and a query to pull in certain devices, however I'm trying to create a group with another group within it so it's not exactly what I'm after, I've tried playing about with the code in there and not had much joy either.


      Any ideas?


      I'm using SDK 1.5 at the moment.