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    simultaneously monitoring interfaces



      Is it possible in the Orion Web Console (NPM 10.5) to create a view where you can put traffic charts for certain number of interfaces?I mean, its a collective view for a group of interfaces with only their traffic charts present individually, just like in an MRTG. This view can really help in simultaneously monitoring a couple or group of interfaces and see changes on the traffic as they get updated.

      Will appreciate any help I can get.



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          Hi Frankv,


          yes and it si quite simple. Just add Multi Object Chart on the view and edit it. Select Interfaces from "Choose Object Type" then select a chart you want to see and Select specific interfaces. You should see traffic for selected interfaces after submit. Just remember that the chart is limited and you can comfortably see about 20 interfaces on one graph.




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              Hi Pavel,


              Yes I saw the Multi Object chart but it's not really what I want the Multi Chart give agrregate data and it's not really what I'm looking for. I would like to have the exact same graph as in the interface detail Min/Max/Average bps In/Out chart. but couple on a specific summary pages...


              I would like to have a page under the HOME tab call WAN and see all the interface detail Min/Max/Average bps In/Out charts for all my WAN interface at the same time


              any ideas?