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    NPM - Custom report to show peak data rate with a 15+ minute filter



      I am trying to figure out how to make a custom report (because the SW engineer said it cannot be done with the canned reports case # 499233 and he was unable to assist with a custom script).


      In this report I want to be able to run a monthly (not last 30 days but previous month period) watching specific interfaces I have added a custom property to (which is used to filter out all other interfaces for the purpose of "internet usage reports").

      The caveat is that I don't want to just see the daily peak data rate (which is usually a short burst) but if it is sustained for 15+ minutes then I can show a trend & that's what I want to show on my report.

      The idea of the report is to be able to watch our "Internet circuit" interfaces on a monthly basis and see when we are closing in on the max bandwidth (not just the occasional daily burst).


      I am attaching a copy of the canned report I tweaked & a screen shot of how it turns out in pdf.

      It has everything I want except the filtering of the peak (daily) bandwidth which I would like to set at 15 minutes or more.

      Anyone who would care to take a stab at a pointing me in the right direction; I would appreciate your time & efforts.


      Thank you