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    Help with Cisco Nexus


      UDT displays information about devices connected to switches and routers on specific ports. Based on the bridge tables, ARP, CDP, and possibly other data, we collect information about what MAC addresses and IP addresses are on each port, and whether they are connected directly or not.


      Some customers have issues with making UDT work with Cisco Nexus 5k and 7k. We mostly find out that some MIBs we need are not accessible, or not supported. We do not know whether this is due to an incorrect configuration of the devices, or the MIBs are really not supported. We found out that NX-OS version 5.2 and later should support the required MIBs, but there are still customers for whom UDT just simply does not work with Nexus.


      Recently, we have got access to Cisco lab with two Nexus devices; none of them worked at the first attempt. After some config changes in both of them, they started to work. So what we would really appreciate is someone who could help us analyzing what the minimum version of NX-OS working with UDT is (we can send a list of MIBs we need), and how to configure the devices so the MIBs are available and contain the data we need. SNMP access is not necessarily required, we might be fine with getting the data via console.


      If you are interested, please reply to this post or send me a message directly.