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    Failover Engine and data/application protection



      I have a Solarwinds NCM 7.1.1 working with Orion Failover Engine 6.7 on two nodes (primary and secondary).



      I have to show my client a few tests which include data/application protection.

      My client would like to have protection in the situation if the executable files would be damaged.



      I know that in FOE files are replicating from Active node to Passive, and I've done a following tests:



      1. I've created a test text file on the Active node in TFTP folder, and it was replicated to the Passive - OK

      2. I've changed a content in this file on the Active and this change replicated to the passive - OK

      3. But when I changed something in this file on the Passive node (it's my simulation of file damage), it stays changed and it's not replicating. I think it should replicate from the active but it didn't.



      It is possible to do this thing in Failover Engine?

      Maybe there is another way how do I come up with another test which is working and includes the damage of the executable file.

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          IMNSHO this is not a good idea, and possibly the wrong tool


          Anyway, Look at the FOE console -> Data -> File Filters configuration to see what is replicated.

          Basically, this is includes the c:\programdata\solarwinds directory, and the c:\program files(x86)\ directory (but excludes the TXT, LOG, EXE, DLL, etc... files)

          (*it would be really good to move all of the config files out of the program files directory and not have such a convoluted setup...)


          Replication is one way (from active to passive), and based on file-change detection. You can force a full system check to get around that (data=>replication->full system check)


          if you are really worried about file corruption then look at something like tripwire.