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    Cattools failing (Username failed - will retry) :: Nexus 5548 switch




          I have been hooking up Cattools with all our routers, switches, load balancers, etc. No issues with our Nexus 7010's, Cisco Nexus MDS 9148's and regular catalyst switches and IOS based routers. The one that is kicking me in the bxxl's is the Nexus 5548 switch. Like the 7010's and the 9148's, I am setting this up accordingly:


      CATTOOLS VER: 3.9.1


      Connect via: Direct Connect

      Method: SSH2



      SSH Username: correct one

      SSH Password: correct one


      The end result is the following: ca


      Login to xxxxxxx failed

      Username failed - will retry


      FROM NEXUS 5548 LOG:


      2013 Jul 16 17:49:14 DEVICE NAME %DAEMON-3-SYSTEM_MSG: error: PAM: Authentication failure for USERNAME from X.X.X.X - sshd[2061]


      Any advice would be great. Putty connects from the Cattools servers just fine with identical credentials.