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    Where can I find "PassivePoll" using the SWQL Studio?

    Korey Hubbard

      I am trying to replicate an advance alert manager trigger using SWQL studio, I can not find PassivePoll on the SWQL but it is available on advance alert manager when selecting the interface option.

      I have queried for the trigger query to find this information:


      SELECT DISTINCT Interfaces.InterfaceID AS NetObjectID, Interfaces.FullName AS Name

      FROM Orion.Nodes INNER JOIN Orion.NPM.Interfaces ON (Nodes.NodeID = Interfaces.NodeID)



        (Interfaces.Status <> '1') AND

        (Interfaces.Status <> '4') AND

        (Interfaces.Status <> '9') AND

        (Nodes.PassivePoll <> 'Yes') AND

        (Interfaces.Assyst_Short_Code <> 'NONE') AND

        (Interfaces.InterfaceName <> 'VPN') AND

        (Interfaces.ASSYST_CSG <> 'CORE')



      The error I am getting is, The entity Orion.Nodes does not contain requested property PassivePoll


      Has anyone tried to query PassivePoll before with success?