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    VPC / LACP


      Curious if anyone is running a VPC / LACP server configuration and is using UDT.  We just configured our first VPC / LACP and I am not sure if its a device limitation or UDT is not able to correlate this configuration.


      Our current setup is

      L3 - Juniper ISG2000 - with configured VSYS

      L2 - Cisco 5k / 2k

      Server running LACP with a L3 + L2 hash algorithm

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          j sachs

          Doubt this will help you but....


          We are running VPC's as well and no, SolarWinds doesn't recognize those virtual ports.  From what I know, Cisco is starting to move away from the snmp and move toward xml which SolarWinds doesn't tap into yet and don't know if they even can.


          If I am incorrect, I have no doubt some one will offer additional advice.

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            Do you see one active endpoint connection or none at all? We see only one for either LACP or network fault tolerant active/passive nics.

            +1 to see Solarwinds figure out how to reconcile UDT and redundant endpoint connections.