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    Application Integration With SDK for Events


      I want to use solar winds to manage notifications and alerts for my custom applications.


      I was planning on creating events using the Orion DK from within my custom apps and then using solarwinds built-in Alerts and Notifications.


      It looks like I can Insert an Orion.Event row but  I don know how to relate the event to my application id.


      Any help would be appreciated.




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          Alerts need an Orion object to act upon. This can be a Node, Interface, volume, etc.

          a Node can be of type External


          You might find it easier to set a custom property on an external Node and use that to drive the alerts. otherwise yoiu're into custom SQL and joining the Node to the Events (or syslog or trap tables -- both of the latter are a more standard protocols to pass events into a monitoring application)