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    I miss the old charts


      Am I the only one that misses the old charting?


      I think the newer ones "look" fresher and nicer but functionally I miss the old charts.  Specifically the ability to just quickly click on one anywhere (without any danged mouse overs blocking the chart) and being able to quickly modify/drill down on it and massage it however you need to.


      Not really a complaint just something I have been wanting to mention.





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          Leon Adato

          To drill down, click the "export" button in the corner. It takes you to the same drill-down screen.


          The one piece i miss is the right-click, save image as option. But I installed the "Awesome Screenshot" add-on into Firefox, and that gets me what I need (plus it works in a whole host of OTHER screengrab situations).


          IM(ns)HO, the benefits of the new graphs far outweigh the comfort of the old style.