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    CBQoS Missing Policy Classes


      I'm running NTA v.3.11.0 with the HotFix applied and seem to be experiencing a case of missing data.


      I have two routers, same model, same IOS version, same config (minus IP, hostname, etc), but only one seems to have all of the classes properly reflected in the CBQoS Policy Detail chart (as well as the pre and post graphs).  The interface definitely shows that the policy maps are applied correctly, and that data is hitting each of the classes, so I'm a bit confused as to why one would be polled correctly and the other wouldn't be. Both routers are running on the same poller. I've tried restarting the services, re-applying the policy map and class definitions (on the router), and adding / removing the device from SolarWinds, but same thing.


      It is missing 2 of the 5 custom class definitions, and the class-default class.


      Any thoughts?