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    Calendar Not Displaying Correctly


      Having a problem where every time I try and create items on the calendar that are longer than a day they don't display properly.  Also it appears like the recurring feature is not working for us either.


      I single left click on an empty space in the calendar, select the group, select the user, then select the days to and from, then check "all day".  After that I click recur, set to to weekly every 2 weeks and select every day.  When I save it what is displayed is the correct starting day, the day after that, then a 7 day gap then the following 5 days.  The recurring that should take place 2 weeks later is blank entirely.   Tried this on 2 systems, one was windows 7 with Chrome and IE9, the other was windows 8 with Chrome, IE10, and Firefox.  Very reproduce-able.