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    Bug: Editing a node while adding a new one


      When using the NPM web front end, the following quirky behavior is found:


      1) From the NPM Home Page, click Manage nodes

        a) Click Add Node

        b) Give it an IP Address

        c) Select polling method (for the test I've used No Status, but works with anything)

        d) Next

        e) Add any properties

      2) Before submitting, open a new tab and open up another instance of NPM in the new tab

        a) Click on a node

        b) Under Management, click Edit Node


      Note: This is to simulate trying to find a custom property used on multiple devices where you're looking to copy/paste from one that exists to the new one you're creating.


      3) Go back to the tab for the new node being created and click submit.




      If you check out your nodes now, the one that you clicked edit on but did not resubmit now has all the properties of the new node that you created. The new node also doesn't have the new properties you added.