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    NPM vs SCOM Network Monitoring 2012


      Hi Guys,


      We are currently using NPM 10.3.1, NCM, NTA, IPAM. We are building a new green field data center and i have been tasked to look at SCOM 2012 network monitoring as a replacement for NCM. I know that you can integrate scom with NCM using a management pack. I have never used scom network monitoring and i would like to know prons and cons on both products SCOM and NCM???


      Please help.



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          Hi Richard,


          I was wondering if you ever did find anything comparing the two.  We currently use NPM but our server team is implementing SCOM to replace Nimbus for server monitoring.  They asked us if we wanted to see what SCOM provided to us, and I'm leery of migrating to it just because we have a solid implementation of Orion.  Plus, we have other Orion modules (IPAM, UDT, NCM, VQNM), and I don't believe SCOM can compete with.