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    WAN circuit utilization




      One of my customers is looking for a custom report showing the frequency of times and duration that their WAN circuits rose above 90% utilization. He would like to see the circuit name and how many times per day and per week that each circuit rose above the 90% utilization threshold. Would anyone have such a report or know how to create it?


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      David A. Ufer

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          Are you just looking for a count - ie


          NodeName     Number of times over 90%

          NodeA          10

          NodeB          4    

          NodeC          0




          or a detailed report showing the date a time the breach occured as a list?

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              Here is what I did for this although I'm certain there are multiple ways to tackle.  I wrote an alert every time circuit utilization exceeded X% for 30 minutes.  Then I wrote an NPM event that gave the following text RouterName Interface name currently has a bandwidth over X%.  I set this action to trigger every thirty minutes that the alert was active.  I then wrote a report that tallied up those event messages (I intentionally left of the actual percentage used so that I could tally like messages.  Would be very difficult to find like messages when I had one say 95% and one say 94% etc).


              I then have current day, 7 day, and 30 day copies of that report. 


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              Stuart, I am looking for a detailed report showign date and time of each occurance.


              Mike, I'll look into that.

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                Try this content share...should be easy to tweak to what you need..  change 60% to 90 and get rid of count...