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    Total Byte Transfer Chart help me understand something in type of data transfering


      Hi forum,


      Today I decided to track how precisely Total Byte Transfer Chart work? I tracked on one port which connect to Server A. I used FTP to transfer 24 GB of txt files to another FTP Server. I checked folder properties and get 24 GB. However Total Byte Transfer Chart only get 19.1 GB received on that time. I repeated transfer some other txt file but got the same thing. I doubt the preciseness of Solarwind chart. Then I transfer .exe file, .rar file, surprisedly the Chart show up the right number with total byte of file. I claim that Solarwind Chart worked well. But my thinking does not stop at that idea, I wonder whether there are some technique of compression when transfer types of file (for example txt file) through Network? Is this an advanced feature of solarwind or a native feature of somethings else.

      Does any one know about this? Please kindly explain for me.


      Many Thanks