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    Wireless Access Point Availability Reports.


      We are looking for functional reports on LWAP availability.  The canned reports are not quite there.


      The Report field Wireless Access Ponts> AP Statistics >"Average Availability", seems to be associated with a Cisco Controller AP Status called "Controller Associated Time" and not the actual AP "UP Time" as indicated by the controller.


      This is good information to have available, the acutal time should also be available (not just "Average Availability")




      Data Fields not avaiable for reporting are
      Node Status.  (This is one of the very few report types not including Node Status)
      Controller fields:

      UP Time
      Controller Associated Time


      The reort also fails when Filter Results are have Average Availabilty >= 100 all results equeal 0.00%

      Has anyone investigated these reports and re-tooled the reports for functional / actual information?