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    Can not add a Domain User


      Hi All,


      So here is a strange one.

      I am trying to show my boss the alert central system, but he cant login. Here is the chain of events:


      1) Add AD user

      2) User receives Email

      3) User acknowledges email (validation ok)

      4) User enters his details at login prompt and hits enter - nothing returns. No bad email, No user account unknown, he just gets nothing. Its as though the button does not work.


      Any ideas? We spend a lot per year on Solarwinds products so i am trying to show my new boss some benefits of these systems. Any thoughts, ideas suggestions?


      I have tried deleting and re adding his account.

        • Re: Can not add a Domain User

          What version of AC?

          What browser and version?

          Which OS is browser running on?


          Did you try other AD users?


          It was just a blank screen?  The EULA should be displayed in the middle of the page with checkbox to click.  Maybe the EULA is not being display by the browser.  I would advice Chrome for AC.