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    Solarwinds IPAM - API Options


      I'm new to Solarwinds so I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere already.


      I've just joined a company which uses Solarwinds for IPAM and Microsoft DNS.


      I'm looking to automate the way we select our IP addresses and then subsequently add the entries into DNS.


      Currently our team logs into Solarwinds, finds an unused IP address in the subnet and then goes to add the DNS entry. Essnetially i want to orchestrate the whole process so we just run a workflow that connects to Solarwinds, gets the next IP, passes it back to orchestrator which then executes a script against DNS to add the entry.


      I can do the DNS part already, but I can't find good documentation on how to find the next available IP in Solarwinds IPAM via the command line.


      Any advice is greatly appreciated!