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    NTA and Server Capacity Issue


      I am having issues with NTA not collecting data from my polling servers.  I know its a server capacity issue and I'm working toward resolving it.  However, the following questions came up:


      1.  At what percentage point does an Orion Polling Engine begin to shutdown Solarwinds processes (NTA, SYSLOG, TRAP...)??

      2.  When the capacity threshold is reached, In what order do the processes begin to stop functioning??

      3.  Are there any workarounds I can take to extend my functionality until my additional pollers are added??


      Please let me know....



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          Hi there,


          Polling engines do not organically begin to shut down SolarWinds process. which makes the second question redundant. Considering you are posting here in the NTA forum and not in the NPM forum about the performance, I would recommend cranking up the sampling rate on your flows. What you may be experiencing is a bottleneck at the DB I/O level. Alleviating how many flow you are capturing per second may help.Is there any other information you can provide?


          Feel free to ping me directly