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    Scheduled Reports - no data being sent


      I have two scheduled reports that run everyday of the week. After yesterday's July Microsoft patches were applied, my scheduled reports email out the following:








      I have tried to reset the reports and run them manually - same issue. The reports show up fine on the screen, as I configure the scheduling, but the emailed results show the errors above. All Windows / Domain accounts involved in this are good.


      Any thoughts oh helpful Thwack friends?


      - Dave Claussen

        • Re: Scheduled Reports - no data being sent
          Jan Pelousek

          Hello clausendb,


          first of all sorry for inconveniences.

          The issue is not reproducible for me with latest MS updates (NPM 10.5), so we need to know some more info.


          0. Which NPM version do you use?

          1. Which OS do you use on your Orion Server?

          2. What is the version of the Internet Explorer on your Orion server

          3. According to the layout I assume you are using HTML report, not PDF, right?

          4. Are you using SSL? (HTTPS connection for your website)

          5. Are you using Windows passthrough authentication? (Settings-Web Console Settings-Windows Account Login) - try to disable it temporarilly


          Could you, please, create Support ticket? Diagnostics will be needed here.


          Many thanks,