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    IPAM role rights and export questions


      Hi Folks.


      I'm using IPAM 2.0 to maintain our organisation's IP addressing.


      When doing a test export (which I'll need to feed another tool on a weekly basis) I noticed that the only items exported are the actual hosts for defined subnets, as opposed to any fields attached to the subnet properties itself, or any supernet information. Is there any way to get those things, or any sense of the hierarchy within the addressing that nested supernetting gives?


      If the answer to the above is no, and it turns out I need to attach the custom field data to each indivdual address entry as I suspect - is there any way to restrict, for example the operator role, to only being able to edit certain fields per entry, as opposed to all fields associated with that entry?


      Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer, kind regards.