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    How to list VMware snapshots and space used by a VM


      I am new to Virtualization Manager and trying to get used to the navigation as things aren't very intuitive for me in this product.  I have found multiple places where an alert or trend will show that a VM has snapshots.    I basically want to find all snapshots, when they were created, and how large they are across given datastores.


      For Example, on the VM Sprawl dashboard there is Old and Large snapshots widget.  I can figure how to show the VMs that are contained in that grapth, but it doesn't show anything about the snapshots.  I then figured how to export some data and sort of get the data i want in to a report, but I just want to display that info on the page, not export it.


      I just have a hard time finding data that it reports in the widgets. When you try to drill down it doesn't really show you the info in context of the wiget you just clicked from.  Like with the Oversized VMs widget.  It shows a trend, but when clicking show VMs it doesn't really show why they are oversized, just what VMs make up that result.  Any help is appriciated