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    Adding Note with Rich Text via Email Button?


      Having a problem, alert central sends out an email about alert X.  And in that alert there are lots of buttons, buttons aren't toys, but one button says "Add Note".  When I click that my email composes a new mail in HTML, which is the default for every machine in my company.  Outlook 2010 and 2013.  So I fill out that email and send it back to Alert Central and it appends that note to the alert however it looks like:




      And actually in the first one the txt didn't even make it into the alert.  Just nothing but rich text/html text formatting.  Now I get that AC wants plain, but expecting all my admins and my management to switch their default compose email to plain text is asking too much.  And asking them to remember to switch every email they send back into the system to plain text is expecting to much(wizards first rule).  Can anything be done here or are we fubar?  I seem to remember this being a problem in beta also.