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    How to force Windows to always show MRC icon in the system tray


      Windows default is to only show notifications from applications in the system tray. We wish to have the MRC icon always visible, so users can right-click on it and connect to the console of the helpdesk member talking to them. Many times it's easier than trying to figure out their computer's name or IP. 


      There's a setting (and a GPO) to show all the icons of the system tray, but there's too many useless icons to show them all. It get worst when a user hooks up their laptop to a projector; with the small resolution of the display (most projectors resolution is 1024x768) and the "show all icons" settings enabled, there's hardly enough space in the task bar for two or three applications at the same time.


      Users can customize which icons are to be always displayed, but is there a way to automate the process for all users?