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    Beta 4 Improved performance.


      Just wanted to show you the improvement I have seen on the CPU usage of both the Application server and the SQL server in Beta 4.  Monitoring 330 servers and about 50 Appinsight SQL instances. One thing I have also noticed is that all the SQL instances are now Critical where before just 4 or 5 would be critical at a time.  Looking through them it seems that the "Top Indexes for Database" is flagged as critical.  Does this have something to do with the new Threshold Baseline Calculator?


      Top graph is the App server and the bottom is the SQL.




      Current App Health:


      Before most of that was green.

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          This is an excellent visualization of the significant performance improvements made from Beta 3 to 4. Thank you for sharing!


          You are correct that thresholds have been added for index fragmentation. While AppInsight for SQL can leverage the new Baseline Calculator, it does not make sense for index fragmentation since it's a very well understood metric. The default thresholds are greater than 80% fragmentation = warning, and greater than 90% = critical. You can either chose to rebuild these indexes so they aren't as fragmented, or you can adjust or remove the thresholds entirely. This can be done for all SQL instances, each SQL instance as a whole, or even on a database by database basis.


          Top Indexes.png