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    need updated MIB for QNAP, Riverbed and Dell TL2000/4000 devices


      I need updated MIB for QNAP, and Dell TL2000/4000 devices to monitor their hardware health. Will newest Orion NPM 10.5 provide OIDs for these devices?

      My QNAP device reports:

      SysObjectID as enterprises.24681 where 24681 does not appear in my MIB version

      My Dell TL2000 device reports:

      SysObjectID as enterprises 674.10893.2.102 where 102 does not apper in my MIB version


      Would appreciate if those devices will join Orion MIB.



      Orion Core 2012.2.2, SAM 5.5.0, NPM 10.4.2, NTA 3.10.0, IVIM 1.5.0