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    how to select multiple nodes and interfaces in node management


      hi all



      I need to be able to select multiple interfaces based on 2 or 3 node
      variables, and then make the same change to all those interfaces.



      say where node name contains "-SW" and interface name contains
      "Ethernet" AND "link"



      any thoughts on making this possible? in the old custom property editor, i
      could add lots of Query conditions that got me the right interfaces, i could
      then insert a temp custom prop, which i assigned to the interfaced. then when i
      went back into the node-management, i could use that new custom prop to ONLY
      show the correct interfaces... simples, but SW in their wisdom have removed the
      old CPE, and as per normal have forgotten many of the functionalities of the
      old (remember when they removed application based node management, and forgot
      to add the ability to remove specific pollers by expanding the interface, they
      never did fix it... shame on your SolarWinds...
      will you ever learn)