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    Wrong server when clicking on (Manage Node) to add a node from Virtualization Manager


      I recently have been tasked with updating our Orion / Solar Winds website NPM with updated info / servers etc.

      I just recently changed the management of a bunch of Hyper-v Servers to WMI that I had added earlier.

      All of these servers show up just fine under the Virtualization Manager. They all detect the Proper Name of the Guests (Virtual Servers)

      that are connected to them. When I click on a Guest and Manage Node it goes through the add process.

      I fill out all the proper info and the node is added successfully showing up correctly in the Summary View.

      The problem is when I click on that server / Guest it shows up as being a guest of the wrong Virtual Server.

      If I edit the node it changes it to a different server even though the node name / IP changes correctly.


      We are using Orion Core 2012.2.0, SAM 5.2.0 SP1, IPAM 3.1, NPM 10.4, IVIM 1.5.0, VNQM 4.0.1

      I wanted to list out all of them just in case there is a conflict with engines that might be causing this.


      I also tried changing the Poll Server but that did not make any difference.


      Any Help would be Appreciated



      Joe Hockett

      IT Operations Specialist