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    Non-Admin users can't see alerts


      I am trying to use SWAC as my central location to view and react to active alerts. There are a ton of reasons that this should work but I think because of a few......oversights.... it still can't be used in that capacity.


      My NOC needs to be able to see and react to any alert in our environment, however they can't see alerts if they are 1) not acknowledged by the individual or 2) elevated to admin privileges. I don't need 10 admins on this product (not to mention if other groups want to use this) and if they can't see an alert they can't acknowledge it. I, as the administrator can see all alerts, but ack'ing and re-assigning alerts will take a large part of my time and if I want to continue to pay my mortgage I will need to find a better way to handle alerting which is unfortunate because even in these early stages SWAC has so many useful features.


      Maybe I am configuring wrong, and if so please correct me, I am begging you to correct me, but is there a way to make alerts assigned to a group visible to the people in that group en masse and to have alerts get routed to multiple groups? if not I will have to open access up for the world to see everything and that doesn't really appeal to me.




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          By default, an Admin users filter is set to see all alerts while a normal users filter is set to see only their own alerts, but there are no restrictions on which alerts users can see and respond to.

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            The only users that can see all alerts are in fact admins, but for non-admins unless they have ownership of an alert they get blank dashboards at least on my install (running the latest and greatest btw. This is a less than ideal situation if this tool is to be used as a central point of alert management for a NOC, Perhaps a better option would be to allow members of groups to see alerts that are routed to their group without assignment or acknowledgement, or perhaps viewing should be separate from escalation; escalate as it does now based on calendars but allow a view all capability for users that can be filtered based on different criteria


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