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    NPM 10.5 - custom Propety Editor - few nigglies..


        Hi SW


      finally upgraded to 10.5 and the new web CPE is good. far better than when
      you first tried to release the web CPU LOL.


      anyway, few things you need to fix


      1. when you change from Managed nodes, to edit custom properties, the
      "group by" selection revers to "no grouping" when blatantly
      people are going to be looking at nodes, and want to edit custom props for that


      2. why can i not add visible columns when in CPE mode. i have to go back to
      manage nodes, THEN add columns, then go back to CPE mode (and lose my grouping
      of course)


      that’s all for now... good work on the upgrade process. a few typical
      failures as per all SolarWinds upgrades, but you are getting better! thanks
      where thanks is due! (i basically have my old thwack articles up before
      starting the upgrade and use them each time I do the next one now :-) )


      happy thwacking everying.....



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          SOlarwinds...  where are you!


          i have just realised that you did not fully implement the updated web CPE as i saw it in an alpha version demo'ed by the prod manager at the end of last year...  basically, there was going to be an option to add multiple filters to the selection, and they would appear in the top left of the CPE...  meaning you could be granular about your visible volumes, nodes and interfaces...


          this is not there..  meaning you have NOT built a like for like prop editor?!  i ha d started a new thread about this, but forgot i had this one going...


          please reply!

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              Hi there,


              The CPE does have the ability to filter on multiple selection criteria, though it may not be the same control you saw in the early prototype. The control for the filter is the right-hand pull down of each column you would like to filter. Is there something in this behavior that isn't granular enough for how you want to use it?


              7-5-2013 8-34-37 AM.png

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                  hi there, and thank you for the reply. 

                  i have played with that option, and although it is VERY flakey in terms of reliability, it does give that level of sorting as you say.  the biggest problems i have (and i have a support case open for it) are

                  1. i need to be able to be granular at filtering interfaces, volumes, application, but based on Node custom properties... i.e. all interfaces, on all nodes, where "xyz" appear in the "customer" custom property

                  2. i need to be able to filter a custom property more than once, i.e. all node names beginning with "xyz", and have "yhe" in the name somewhere else

                  These functions were absolutely key in the old version and we simply can not function without these abilities.

                  do you now if anyone has written a bespoke CPE directly manipulating the DB, and shared this?  i do not want to have to pay to have one written, but it looks to be my only option.

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                      Just curious - what did you experience that made you view the reliability of the sorting function as flakey? Does it sometimes work and sometimes not, or something else?

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                          i was able to replicate this several times...  other times it just did not react as expected.  browsing the web was fine performance, but within the CPE, the performance was abismal when it cames to adding filters, sorting columns etc...


                          Go to custom property editor

                          Go to interfaces

                          Add a filter on Fullname for say “pmyk”

                          Add column to view for “interface name”

                          Custom property editor goes plank, but shows I have 33 pages of interfaces

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                              I was able to reproduce this behavior, and it does appear to be a bug. We will look to address in a future release. To get out of this bad state, the page needs to be refreshed (F5) and filter re-applied.

                              In regards to the multiple filters on a single column, have we tried to use the Export / Import function? This would allow you to perform any filtering / manipulation in Excel, and push it back into NPM.

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                                  Hi there

                                  the problem with that idea is that i have multiple people working the product all the time, onboarding customer devices, making changes etc...  so it would not work...

                                  would export/import also not change node-IDs?

                                  i am pleased u have reproduced though...

                                  The ability to filter interfaces in CPE based on node CP's is key, just like the old one...  same with other object types.... 

                                  The ability to add multiple filters to the same CP is also critical as with the old CPE...

                                  the way you have made the web CPE is very clever, i am impressed.  the 10.5 version is a huge stride...  and on the face of it, it looks like the technology you have built would enable you to build a true filter-builder within the web. 

                                  i managed to use the current CPE just now to nearly complete a task...  i needed to change the polling interval on around 1000 out of 10000 interfaces.  i managed to find all the interfaces with full name containing one string, and then all the interfaces with caption containing something else...  then added a new CPE and updated that.  i could then use that new CPU value to select the interfaces to update.  as u can see, this is very cumbersome...

                                  the reason we bought SolarWinds for the first time all those years ago (7+ years) was due to the flexibility,  then when the CPE and the advanced alerting engine came in, we invested heavily in the product specifically for this features....  to have them ripped away after investing so much money (100-200k sterling) is extremely disheartening, and puts my job on the line to making the assumption that the new CPE had been fixed as expected....  i had tested a goods few functions, but in a test world, it is never possible to simulate all working practises.

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                                      Import of values from CSV will match on an existing column, so there will not be duplication of objects. As far as workflow, it would be: Export->Filter in Excel->Save Sheet->Import same sheet into CPE.

                                      We're certainly not done improving the CPE, and in future ports of Win32 functionality to the web, we will strive to leave the legacy applications in place for those that are used to them. In the case of CPE, there were some larger technical hurdles that prevented peaceful co-existence.