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    SWIS query delay using BasicHttpBinding



      we have a problem lately that a query to SWIS takes a long time to response (approximately 1 sec) using the SWIS BasicHttpBinding. When we use NetTcpBinding, no such delay exists.

      So for example in C# when we use:


      client = new InformationServiceClient("BasicHttpBinding_InformationService",

                                                            string.Format("https://{0}:17778/SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/OrionBasic", hostname));


      any swsql query takes from 800 ms to 1 sec, but when we just switch to:


      client = new InformationServiceClient("NetTcpBinding_InformationService",

                                                string.Format("net.tcp://{0}:17777/SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/Orion/ssl", hostname));


      the query response time is even shorter than 1 ms. It seems like there is some kind of timeout involved, just wondering where.

      It's possible that this issue first appeared after upgrading to NPM 10.5.

      Does anyone have the same problem? Any ideas what could be the cause?


      Thank you.