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    Need assistance to understand IPmonitor alert terms and tokens


      Hi Team,


      We have a much elaborated set up for IP monitor at my organization. But the challenge is I am new to IPMONITOR.


      Recently I was asked to initiate a new monitoring set up for a server and I could smartly query the terms or tokens from alert page, but i clearly don't understand how ipmonitor queries calculates and throws an email alert at what thresholds. Definitely i couldn't understand the alert status query.



      . Hope I can clear my doubts

      >> Last Result:rtt: 331ms; usage: 7.05%; usage-avg: 18.08%

      What is the usage? Usage-avg? and on what basis is this calculated.



      >> Call was canceled by the message filter; oserror: 0x80010002; avail-avg: 53.37%

      What are the error codes ? do we have a page where I can get alist of error codes and understand them better,

      BTW what does the above error relate to?

      >> Coverage:22 hours, 41 mins, 28 secs  Duration:7 hours, 13 mins, 27 secs

      What is the difference between Coverage and Duration


      >> query for token Monitordownlength gave me 3.08 minutes when the alert was triggered. This was the first email I received when the alert triggered.

      Why is there a 3.08 minutes delay for the alert to generate the alert?

      The settings are

      Last-Value Threshold

      Max CPU Usage (%)


      Short-Term Threshold (for smoothing out spikes)

      Max CPU Usage (%)


      Sample size




      There are still a lot of questions going on, but i shall post after getting an update on this post..!!!