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    Alerts from NPM Source






      I setup a test AC environment whilst playing around with the config, with it pointed to our internal NPM server.  Everything worked find, things got tweaked, and a proof of concept achieved.  I now want to "go live"


      Current situation:


      In order to prevent any stray config coming across, we've setup a new AC environment in the datacentre, and stepped through the config as before.  I can see the AC account having been setup and the subscription int he subscriptions table, however I do not see the alert in  the alerts tab in AC BUT (and here's the catch) the notification email is being sent to my mailbox.


      I've tried doing the bundle logs, however I get a 404 when trying to download.


      I suspect there is something slight confused going on.  Anyone able to offer an input?





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          nicole pauls

          Just to be sure I'm getting this - Alert Central #2 is getting alerts from NPM, and you're getting email alerts from Alert Central #2 about NPM, but you're not seeing those alerts in the console for Alert Central #2?


          One easy thing to do is toggle the views in the Alert Central alerts screen to see if maybe the time range/and or filters are showing a narrower view. You could switch from "My Alerts" to "All Alerts" and adjust the timeframe to be more broad.

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