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    Linked Tickets


      Is there a way that when you Resolve the Parent Ticket all of the linked tickets are also resolved?


      Seems kind of redundant to have to go into each linked ticket and close them being they are linked.

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          I don't think there is but I 110% agree. It's annoying, time consuming and pointless that it does not mark them all as resolved. Seems like a bug to me but it still has not been fixed in 2 major version updates.

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            I'm kinda new to this so "right" or wrong here's what worked for me...


            • edit the ticket you want to mark as parent or master and change the "Ticket Type" to "Problem"
            • if you've already opened a few tickets before discovering the trend, go back to them and change the "Ticket Type" to "Incident"
            • now click on the "Problems" tab on the right of the main ticket to open some additional fields.
            • under "Problem Search" I entered my master/parent ticket in the No. field and clicked "Search"
            • click "Link" under Action.  Your child ticket is now linked with the master/parent (a new Linked Problem field will show in your main ticket details area.
            • from there I was able to go back to my master/parent ticket, update it with some notes, mark it as closed and the linked child tickets automatically updated and closed.  No extra hunting for me.


            My WHD version is 12.0.0 - Build # but I think the process should be the same for a relatively recent version (don't quote me on that though)