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    How to identify polling traffic?




      Is there a way I can identify which of my SAM pollers are consuming the most network bandwidth? The volume of polling traffic flying around my network is becoming a bit of a problem. I can see from NTA what the type of traffic is, and I can see to which servers, but how would I know what's causing it?

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          If you do a packet capture, you will be able to see the OIDs in the SNMP get requests and responses, as long as you are not using SNMPv3 with encryption. Actually, even if you are using encryption, you can still see the payload if you know the key and input it into your capture tool.


          I ran into a problem with the latest update to NPM 10.5.0 with the new routing polling. A quick look at some packets revealed OIDs from the IPMROUTE-STD-MIB v2, as well as other routing. I had to turn it off for several devices because the polling of routing was causing CPU spikes of 100% utilization, presumably due the size of the routing tables.