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    Update Repository


      is this enabled?  is there a way to update via http repository?

      I saw one build for this and I think there were issues, but this is significantly better than having to do it via "CD" b/c for that I must submit a ticket and wait for the systems team to get a chance to mount the image.

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          nicole pauls

          Yes, sort of. If you put the ISO itself on a HTTP server somewhere, you can use it that way. Our upgrade download is a zip file so that we can include upgrade instructions, but you can unpack it to a server that you can get a URL to on the internal network (heck, even external).


          Would it be helpful to have the ISO somewhere you could refer with a URL? We kind of assumed people would want to pull down the zip and do it themselves, but I can look into whether we can host a second download that's just the ISO.