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    UDT v3.0 HotFix1 is now available


      SolarWinds User Device Tracker version 3.0 Hotfix 1

      This hotfix corrects the following issues:

      1. All Network Connections web resource was not loading the data without clicking the Refresh button.
      2. All User Logins resource did not display historical connections of users.
      3. Incorrect IP-to-hostname mapping in All Endpoint Logins resource.


      This Hotfix requires SolarWinds UDT version 3.0.


      To install the hotfix, complete the following procedure:

      1. Copy the UDT-3.0.0-WebSitePatch.zip from the hotfix zip file to folder C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\WebSitePatches (or an equivalent one depending on the selected installation folder).
        Note: If the folder "WebSitePatches" does not exist, create it manually.
      2. Run the Configuration Wizard. On its Welcome screen, select that you want to configure the Website.


      When the Configuration Wizard finishes, the hotfix is installed.