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    LEM Reports


      Now that we have our agents installed, connectors started and are starting to retrieve oodles of data.  We would like to schedule reports to run to capture all this and analyze it weekly.  I had a question about the Data Warehouse option in the LEM Reports app.  Currently its just asking me for a warehouse name (host) name, default port of 1433, database type.  SQL of course.  Do I have to set up a specific container one one of our DB servers or can I just plug in the server info and I assume once the scheduled reports are set up it will start collecting into this database?  I haven't been able to find much info in the LEM Guide about this option.

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          nicole pauls

          The warehouse stuff is deprecated functionality that we just haven't removed from reports yet - a while back we supported warehousing to a SQL server but the performance constraints of LEM (and high volume log data) made it unfeasible to continue supporting. Essentially, you can only run scheduled reports against your LEM appliance (or A LEM appliance that has an accessible database anyway).