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    Does Dameware (MRC) Allow Users Competing For Access To Communicate?


      We (software developers) use Dameware MRC (vers, 32) to access servers in a lab when testing software.  Occasionally more that one developer tries to access the same server via Dameware.  This leads to problems because Dameware does not seem to allow the two users competing for access to communicate with each other.  I'm trying to find out if there is some feature we are not aware of that would permit them to do that.

      When one developer is accessing a server via Dameware and another tries to log on, the one trying to log on is told that another user is already logged on, but not who the person logged on is. The person attempting to log on can request a shared session and send a message to the person logged on; but the person logged on cannot reply.  The logged-on person might want to reply, for example, "just give me 5 minutes more and you can have it."  True, the logged-on user can see the logon id of the person requesting a shared session, but in our case often the person attempting to log on is using some generic logon id, so we can't even send a quick email saying "give me 5 more minutes." So basically we end up rejecting the attempt to log on, resulting in bad feelings, something akin to road rage.

      The entire problem would be avoided if the logged-on user could just type a reply into the window that pops up when another user requests access.  Is this a capability that we could somehow turn on, or acquire through some add-on?