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    Issue with custom LEM report


      With the new 5.6 Upgrade, it appears to have broken some custom reports we created.  Whether that's just my error or not, I don't know.  I got login errors when I tried to view them, which led me to believe that the database change caused the error.


      I have begun rebuilding the reports by using the base reports and using the Select Expert.  Most reports have been ok, but I have one report that seems to be working differently.  The report is User Log On, RPT2003-02-6.  When I generate the report and use the Select Expert, I am able to get the results I am looking for.  When I save the report as a Crystal Report, it appears to be saving the data, as the file size is much larger than the others that are working as they were previously.  When I attempt to run the new custom report, I get 0 results, even for the same time period that I selected when I created the report.


      In addition, your Select Expert fields are really messed up.  They work properly when you put in the correct data, but the auto-populated lists are WAY off.  I've seen Account showing up for Authentication Package, Detection IP for Source Machine, and many others.  If I put in the correct search terms for the field, the Select Expert works as expected.

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          nicole pauls

          Thanks for this. Our database changed in version 5.6 and while we expected these things to continue working, it looks like some of them may have been munged. Did you open a support case by chance?

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            We are also having issues with reports.  Several of my custom reports broke and I have had to re-create them.  Also, many of the default reports now take a very long time to run and sometimes timeout and never complete.

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              I received the following information concerning my Select Expert issues.


              They noticed that in Select Expert values which user can select in dropdown are
              swapped for AUTHPACKAGE and LOGONTYPE fields.


              So to get correct data when creating a filter user should write search values by
              himself, don't select them in dropdowns.

              According to provided screenshot, customer is filtering data by {USERLOGON_1.AUTHPACKAGE}
              field.  That's why the results which customer gets are expected (there are
              no events with AUTHPACKAGE field set to "Windows: Network").


              If customer wants to filter data by Logon Type field, in Select Expert he should
              select the {USERLOGON_1.LOGONTYPE} field (as shown in attached screenshot).
              Then select the condition "is equal to" and set search value (in
              customer case "Windows: Network").


              They did not state if there would be a patch to resolve this issue. 


              I still haven't received information concerning my issue of a custom report I built that returns 0 results when re-run.  They did state, however, that due to the database changes I would have to rebuild all my custom reports (which I've already done).


              I've not encountered the default reports taking what I would call an innordinate amount of time to run myself, but I would say that some of them feel like they take slightly longer to generate.

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                I continue to have problems with Reports taking a very long time to run and in come cases never completing.  I have two different LEM systems in different environments and I am having this problem in both environments so it's repeatable.  I currently have a support ticket open on this, have provided diagnostics several times and am waiting to hear back (SolarWinds Case #497837).

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                    I'm also waiting on a resolution to my reports timing out as well.  I wasn't asked any real diagnostic information, or anything related to how many records I was trying to run the report from, but instead was just told, "Oh, we're aware of that, and engineering is working on it."  (by the way my support case number is 515667)


                    When I asked if I could use Crystal Reports, I was told "I don't know".  And also "Try running a report by week instead of month".


                    I'm sorry, that's not a solution, that's a work around, and my company doesn't want to have a report of account lockouts by week for one month, while the rest of the year has been monthly.  If there were an easy method to compile those reports into one, maybe, but PDF is not an option these days.  They want to be able to filter and work with the data, and standard forms don't cut it.

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                        Here's what I ended up doing (their support amounted to do everything within the Reports application "...if you're using Crystal Reports, you're on your own" and though I asked what tools their developers used to create the base reports, it was made clear that the developers may not respond....


                        The app appears to use JDBC instead of ODBC.  What I ended up doing was

                        • Modify "C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Common\3.5\java\CRConfig.xml", adding the following:

                                  <JDBCURL>jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://<your lem hostname or ip>:9001:/alertdbLucius</JDBCURL>




                        • Add this to the ClassPath variable

                                  C:\Program Files\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Reports\lem_lucius.jar;C:\Program Files\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager           Reports\lem_util.jar;


                        You will have to adjust your reports to the new field structure as well as double-check your report selection formula


                        Hope this helps

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                      Since the upgrade to 5.6, even the scheduled stock reports do not run.  Tried opening them in Crystal, but get LEM Reports Error: "Logon failed. Database Vendor Code 210" when the report tries to connect to the database

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                        I had the same issue - once the database migration completed my scheduled and custom reports broke ( they appeared to work fine during the migration, but when I tried to open them I got 0 count in the report - even though the file size was the same as before the upgrade); and I had upgraded to the latest version of the Reports app. Nothing worked, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the Reports application and I could manually run my reports- I will see if the scheduled reports run tonight. The uninstall/reinstall did not fix my custom report and I am rebuilding it.