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    Move Up issues with failed uploads


      Recently downloaded FTP Voyager to trial the scheduled task feature.  It's pretty great!


      However, I did run into a couple issues with the "Move Up" feature:


      1. If a single source file fails to upload, then NONE of the source files are removed when the task completes.
      2. If a source file is actively being copied TO THE SOURCE when the Move Up feature initiates the upload, then the file upload fails AND does NOT retry the upload as specified in the retry settings.


      Anyone know any workarounds for these issues?

        • Re: Move Up issues with failed uploads

          UPDATE: I've implemented a workaround to issue 1 by using the "Upload" feature (instead of "Move Up") with the following custom event:


             Event Type: File Uploaded

             Action: Execute Command

             Exectution Path: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

             Command Line Parameters: /s /c "del /f "$LocalPath""

          This custom event fires after each file is sucessfully uploaded, and deletes that file from the source. This means that only files that are sucessfully uploaded are deleted from the source, leaving failed uploads at the source for the next scheduled upload.

          Alteratively, if you wish to archive the source file instead of deleting it, you could change the Command Line Parameter to "move" to store it elsewhere.  Likewise, you could use the "File Upload Failure" event to move the failed file elsewhere.