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    LEM Crystal Report and Chinese displayed as "?????"


      good day!


      Encountered two problems with LEM:

      1. LEM's report that how to customize? Whether to support Crystal Reports,Crystal Reports How LEM data retrieval?

      Need to look at the past month daily 18:00 - 06:00 User login failure log,Currently only view a period of time all failed login log, no way to filter time


      2. LEM is not displayed correctly Chinese,The how to adjust the configuration?



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          nicole pauls

          We thought about this and could not come up with a very good way to search for "every day between 18:00 and 06:00" without having to do the search every day. There are some ways in the future we can do this, but no good way right now.


          Unfortunately, we know we don't support Chinese (and a bunch of non-English language) characters in LEM data. There's currently no workaround for this, it's a limitation in a few areas that will require some ongoing effort. Right now we don't have a timeline, but it's a good thing for the feature request area.