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    We've paid for maintenance renewal...do I have to download and effectively reinstall the whole product?


      I've searched all over for this, and I can't find an answer.  Solarwinds makes it easy enough to get a quote and pay for a maintenance renewal, which we've done, but now I can't find how to actually APPLY the renewal to our products.  I'm caught in a never ending knowledge base loop of "Maintenance Expired?  Here's how you give us money"


      Do I really need to download half a Gb of products from the customer portal, and effectively run through the install/ configuration procedure just so my Orion console will stop saying "Maintenance will expire within 90 days"?  Our customer portal reflects the new expiration dates in 2014. 


      If that's the case, then please make it clear that the product has to be re-downloaded in order to apply maintenance renewals.  I would strongly suggest allowing the product to "check in" to Solarwinds to update maintenance status, wether it be through a manual process using license manager, or built into the product, just as it does to check for product updates.


      If I am doing it wrong, could someone please enlighten me as to the correct procedure to apply the maintenance renewal after it's paid and confirmed on the customer portal?  Specifically, the three products I've renewed are NPM, NTA, and Engineer's Toolset.  Our NCM renewal isn't up until October.