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    IPAM Events - What interactions are there?

    Jay Harris

      We purchased IPAM last week and I installed IPAM 4.0 yesterday. Today I was looking around in it while skimming the admin guide when I decided to clear some of the obvious events to reduce the clutter on the main IPAM page.


      After some digging and some reading, it appeared to me that the IPAM events are separate from the other events in Orion.  While that was a bit unexpected, I was not too concerned until I could not find any way to "clear" alerts like I can in the main Orion events section. Is there a way to “clear” the events from IPAM?


      Along the same lines, the “Last XX IPAM Events” resource appears to not support filters. So am I right to assume that the way to get a filtered list would be to create a custom report/SQL and add it as a resource?



      Am I just behind on my IPAM learning curve, or are the IPAM events truly isolated and untouchable?