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    Alert Central email: Default notification fields


      Hi Solarwinds family!


      I have Orion with SAM, NPM and some others.  I use Advanced Alerts to alert when issues arise.  The emails received directly from Orion are very specific and useful because I customized the Variables being used (example below)


      Email Subject:

      ${NodeName} - ${ApplicationName} 's ${ComponentName} Status is ${ComponentStatus}


      Email Body:

      Server: ${NodeName}

      Application: ${ApplicationName}

      Component: ${ComponentName}

      Status: ${ComponentStatus}


      More information can be found at:



      Gives me these results:


      Server: SQL_SERVER01.domain.dc

      Application: Windows Server 2003-2012 Services and Counters

      Component: Windows Event Log Monitor

      Status: Down


      Component Message: 4 event(s) matched the specified criteria.


      More information can be found at:




      However, when I send the same details to Alert Central I am only receiving rather useless/default information:


      Solarwinds   Alert Central

      Orion: alert is no longer active

      Alert me when a component goes down





      Windows Event Log Monitor

      Time of Alert:

      13/06/13 08:53:55 AM





      Assigned To:

      Robert Rozsa

      Last Note:

      Orion: alert is no longer active


      Add Note

      On Call Now:

      Buttons not working? Reply to this email with:

      ack - Alert will be marked as acknowledged
      ref - Alert will be sent to the next step in the group escalation rules
      rea - Alert will be reassigned to the username specified following the command
      close - Alert will be closed
      note - Note will be added

      The command must be the first thing in the Body, before any quoted text.
      Any text after the command on the same line will be treated as note text for the alert.
      Any text that appears below the first line in the reply will be ignored.
      Do not modify the Subject line.

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      If anyone is aware on how to change the Alert Central email notification, please let me know.