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    Add Pollers & Node Details


      Hi guys,

      Is there any way/method to add the pollers (Orion.Pollers entries) for the node? (I am using C#)

      Actually, the problem is node details are not shown after adding nodes. I enter edit node page, test SNMP and submit, the problem is gone. What is the problem and solution?

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          Okay, I got solution. When I create a node, location and contact information is null. I put '' string, the problem is solved. That comment  is help for me. Also add poller code block is below.


                    string uri_Details = swis.Create("Orion.Pollers", new PropertyBag         


                                                                    {"NetObject", pbPollers.NetObject},

                                                                    {"NetObjectType", pbPollers.NetObjectType},

                                                                    {"NetObjectID", pbPollers.NetObjectID},

                                                                    {"PollerType", "N.Details.SNMP.Generic"}