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    problem to get any traffic data !!


      Hi everybody, i search for good software for monitoring my company's network..I tried many programs and i read about Solar winds everywhere on the internet. but i face very silly problem now.. after setup http://www.solarwinds.com/netflow-traffic-analyzer.aspxNetFlow Traffic Analyzer and enter all credintals I can monitor CPU, memory and hard disk and so on .. but nothing about network interface card... except the Draytek router and HP printer because I enabled the SNMP protocol on it.. what about the PC's ?? when i chose any pc i found all details but after press network button on the left i find no interfaces under Current Percent Utilization of Each InterfaceUntitled-2.jpg

      that's doesn't happen with router .. i find all interfaces of it and i can monitor without problem .. where is the problem ???

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          First, I would use WMI for your windows machines, not SNMP.  You get better drive data and Microsoft recently announced the "depreciation" of SNMP in their products moving forward.  I would also recommend creating a separate monitoring account on your domain for this singular purpose.  This would be an account that has permissions to your desktops, in my environment it has admin rights however i do not know if it needs full admin.




          Go into you manage nodes, find your PC, select the check box next to it and click "list resources" in the tool bar.


          In the list resources screen you can select which items you want monitored, like the local network card.












          Its monday, i just caught that you linked the NTA product as the one you installed.  NTA and NPM are two different products, NTA is for collecting Netflow and CBQoS data from Cisco Devices.  "Flow Data" is not what it looks like you are looking for with respect to your screenshot.  It looks like you just want network card metrics off your devices and PC's.  If you are indeed looking for Netflow data(per the top right resources titled Top 5 Conversations (endpoint centric) you wont get that for a PC, Netflow is a Cisco technology so you will only get it on your Cisco devices that you have setup to send Netflow to Orion.


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            Your Screenshot reproduced, device shown is a Windows SQL Server using WMI to poll network card info.  Notice that the NTA resource does not populate data because this is not a Cisco device.



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                I appreciated your effort Bahlkris .. thank you.. i wanna informed you i already using PRTG and it works properly with interfaces but i don't like it .. so don't worry about WMI service on all windows .. and i understood you about cisco devices .. but now i want a solution .. can i use Solar winds "any version" to get traffic data from network interface .. i did what you say about List resources many times without no benefit .. as you're seeing in the below picture there is no detected NIC .. that's happen with all devices but if we move to router or Printer you will find all interfaces without any problem .. the first below photo for normal PC .. and the other two for Draytek router. thank you in advance